Manish K Mehta

Manish is a strategic and innovative business leader, investor, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience applying technology to improve business performance products with a successful track record of driving growth by developing perceptive strategies and business models in the EdTech to FinTech to consumer. He has proven abilities to lead innovative and transformative change to ensure business wins in a competitive marketplace. Manish has a proven ability to turn around business profitability through operational improvement, product development, sales and marketing initiatives, and corporate finance transactions.

As the Chairman, founder of multiple organizations, and a seasoned global leader, Manish has experience building and leading large global organizations at scale across multiple countries. He has also built and led learning and development programs for frontline to senior executives, university programs including internships, leadership development, and diversity programs. He has been responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and retaining diverse and bar-raising talent.

With specialties in startups, merger and acquisition strategies, go-to-market campaigns, new product development, data science, regulatory compliance, business intelligence, and supply chain, Manish has a comprehensive skill set that enables him to tackle complex business challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Manish is known for his multicultural background, outside-the-box thinking, and skill in strategy, risk management and international expansion.