Our Approach

Managing change and choosing the right candidate begins with a process that is guided by expertise. Our executive team and senior consultants have a history of on-campus leadership experience that can only be learned and understood from the viewpoint of academia. Our process and approach embody the culture and awareness of the higher education domain.

We leverage our experience and embrace best practices to understand each engagement specifically. Through careful inquiry and thoughtful insight, we uncover the true need for our client, and then customize the search process to ensure that it accomplishes the institution’s goals. Our Opportunity Profile helps unify the search committee around a shared vision of where the institution is, where it needs to go, and who is needed to lead the way.

This thoughtful insight, awareness, and understanding is a unique strength of Myers McRae, learned through the experience of decades of on-campus leadership. Our executives and consultants are seasoned professionals who not only have conducted searches, but also have led institutions of higher learning. Almost all of our search professionals have a minimum of 20 years of experience in higher education. This depth and variety of experience enables Myers McRae to be highly consultative with every client.